LDA_Reference_Seminar_Natural_Science_Mexico_2REFERENCE PROJECT

Seminar on lab management and lab work for sustainable natural science education

The university "Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo" achieved a higher educational level for natural science teachers in implementing experiments in natural science classes. The university teachers also obtained sustainable know-how with regard to lab management in order to further educate other school teachers in Mexico. The seminar took place in the labs at LEYBOLD, the University of Cologne and an extracurricular place of learning.


Located in Pachuca, the public university is responsible for the equipment used by upper secondary schools. In the past year the UAEH restructured and re-equipped school labs. They wanted to ensure a frequent but also long-lasting use of the equipment and a sustainable natural science education. The university was therefore looking for further methodological use of laboratory and practical work for teachers as well as additional qualification for university staff to be able to transfer the knowledge to other school teachers. Based on the requirements, the Leybold Didactic Academy designed a customised two stage seminar.


THE SOLUTION: 6 day seminar for all natural sciences

  • Lab management and organisation
  • Maintenance of lab equipment
  • Lab safety
  • Integration of lab work in organisational and content-related learning process
  • Data logging
  • Theory of natural science didactic and latest trends
  • Practical lab work incl. preparation, set-up, evaluation and documentation of experiments
  • Transfer of theoretical content through experiments to students



  • Exciting new insights into German didactic standards and trends in science education

  • Deepened knowledge on lab management and new understanding of work flow processes

  • Step-by-step guides to integrate experiments in science classes
  • Motivational expertise and inspiration
  • High increase of practical lab work experience
  • Achieved qualification to train other teachers
  • International exchange of didactic know-how

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didacta consolidates reputation as leading education trade fair


didactaHannover. Ideal learning spaces, diversity that generates opportunity, digital teaching aids – the Hannover-based didacta 2015 exhibition provided important ideas for the educational sector. As the world’s leading education fair, didacta ended its five-day run on 28 February with exhibitors and organizers drawing a positive balance. Putting its Convention Center and five exhibition halls at the service of the event, Deutsche Messe, which organized didacta 2015 in cooperation with non-commercial sponsors the German Didacta Association and the German Educational Media Association, provided an ideal platform for leading-edge conferences and the presentation of numerous educational sector innovations. “The extensive offerings from our more than 750 exhibitors and numerous high-caliber presentations, workshops and discussion rounds yielded genuine highlights for the more than 72,000 visitors on all five days of didacta 2015,” commented Dr. Jochen Köckler, member of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe. “Above all we are delighted that the core topics at didacta 2015 were in tune with the needs of the leading target groups and consequently resonated with the relevant education themes.”