As part of the LD DIDACTIC Group, we have extensive expertise in physics, chemistry and biology, and the engineering disciplines built on them. At LEYBOLD we have over 160 years experience in the development of didactic training and teaching systems, which for generations has made a significant contribution to the transfer of knowledge in science and engineering education.


We have been asked by many customers whether LD DIDACTIC could also support the sustainable transfer of knowledge methodologically and didactically – for this reason, the Leybold Didactic Academy was founded. Our offering includes courses and training programs for teachers and lecturers.

The need for support is due mainly to two factors, which you will probably recognize from your own teaching experience:


  • Teachers/lecturers are qualified in theory, but they desire more experience and greater confidence in the methodological use of associated laboratory and practical work.
  • The movement of teachers and lecturers between colleges gives rise to lost expertise – as a result, well equipped labs are perhaps no longer used or not to their full potential.

The seminars offered by LDA show how knowledge can most effectively be transferred; by conducting experiments, participants learn the connection between theory and practice. The result – successful learning that ensures sustainable facilities and resources.


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