For all the technological progress we have made in recent decades, our economies only function with well-educated people, as companies worldwide are working in increasingly specialized ways and becoming more knowledge intensive. Specialized personnel are in greater demand than ever before.


Experimentation: one of the core competences of scientists and engineers

When experimenting there is a great deal to be considered, much to practice and a lot to learn – in other words, it requires a lot of knowledge. The planning, carrying out and recording of experiments is therefore an important element of a well-founded education in science or engineering, and one that should always be embedded in the curriculum. In order to reinforce newly acquired knowledge, experiments must be well matched to the theory. This idea also forms the basis of the dual education system in Germany: directly apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to practice so as to educate and train highly qualified specialists who are internationally recognized in their fields.


LDA seminars: how knowledge can most effectively be transferred

By conducting experiments, participants learn the connection between theory and practice. The result – successful learning that ensures sustainable facilities and resources.


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