Lab management and training for university teachers

The first stage with six university teachers covered modern ways of data logging, sustainable lab management and experimental practice. The integration of lab work in the organizational and content-related learning process was a primary focus.


The participants developed a deep insight into lab organisation and how to manage a laboratory. In the showrooms and labs at LEYBOLD, the know-how specialising in physics, chemistry and biology was transferred into practice. Examples and hints were given on the group size, preparation and set-up, evaluation and documentation of experiments. Important topics such as the maintenance of lab equipment and lab safety were on the agenda. With the deepened theory and hands-on lab work focusing on the organisational context, the university teaching staff obtained a solid foundation to act as contact points for school teachers back in Mexico.


General didactic and training of experimental skills for school teachers


In the second stage the university teachers experienced what a seminar for school teachers could look like, the group being enlarged by twelve selected school teachers. All were trained on site by our partner, The University of Cologne. Next to the well-known Institute of Physics Education, further university staff from the whole education faculty led the three day seminar.


Prof. André Bresges, Managing Director of the Physics Institute, introduced the teachers to the didactics of natural science and presented a hands-on guide to implement experiments in modern lessons at schools. The teachers received understanding with regard to how they can prepare and present experiments in the theoretical context and how to transfer that content to their students. Also new trends and ideas in didactic were presented, e.g. the use of modern media in classes.


Close guidance, also from the UAEH teachers, who acted as mentors, allowed a fast and individual learning process in practical experimentation sessions. In the lab sessions the teachers gained sustainable competence of experimental skills. To experience the complete process of experimentation, they also presented the results of the experiments with modern media. One of the highlights was the visit to the exceptional research station of the university on a former Rhine boat. The Ecological Rhine Station is used for university courses and for excursions for different schools, which are being taught classes by students - a total new concept in student education. There the teachers were conducting experiments at school level on the water channel flow.



Customer voices on the LDA seminar:



"We were looking for an experienced company that could support us to manage our new equipped labs. The LDA offered a concept which was promising to us to implement practical experimentation in the learning process and secure sustain-able education in natural sciences. Also the international exchange with leading didactics experts was perfect to us."

Dr. Omar Arturo Dominguez Ramirez, Director & Head of Academic and Research Laboratories, UAEH


"The implementation and conducting of experiments were precisely explained and we got the chance to directly apply the knowledge. I am certain to implement more experiments in my daily classes from now on. I want to inspire my students for the natural sciences. It was very interesting to me how the German educational system works and I am happy that I got the chance to exchange views and knowledge with the university staff and the LEYBOLD experts."

Yazmin Araceli Monroy Flores, Chemistry Professor and Teacher at Highschool in Preparatoria No. Uno for UAEH


"The seminar provided real hands-on knowledge in lab management from A to Z. I liked the detailed session focus, e.g. on maintenance, which were very structured and detailed with a lot of advices from the experts. At the end I got to know the German way of organising a lab. Also the interaction with us and the on eye-sight answers by highly educated experts, who understood my needs were more than expected. This seminar helped to support our natural science education in schools back in Mexico."

Dr. Oscar Rodolfo Suárez Castillo, Scientist and Teacher for Chemistry, Institute of Basic Science and Engineering, UAEH



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